IPS Power Management

DDPAI IPS (Intelligent Power Supply) technology is a smart system to monitor and protect your car’s battery. It prevents battery drain by automatically shutting off the dash cam when the voltage dips too low. The DDPAI app lets users monitor battery voltage in real-time.

What is IPS Power Management?

IPS is a DDPAI solution for battery health, ensuring dash cams don’t overuse the vehicle’s battery, particularly when the engine is turned off. It’s an essential safeguard that reassures drivers that their battery remains charged.

Intelligent Power Monitoring

The IPS technology enables real-time monitoring of the car battery’s voltage, ensuring that the battery level remains within a safe range. If the battery voltage drops below a preset value, the IPS system will automatically disconnect the dash cam’s power supply. This preventative measure protects against excessive battery discharge and ensures you can start your vehicle without issue.

Battery Status Monitoring Through the DDPAI App

The app, designed to complement DDPAI’s dash cams, provides an intuitive graphical representation of the battery voltage over time, allowing drivers to constantly monitor the health of their battery. This functionality is crucial for the timely detection of potential battery issues, helping to prevent inconvenience caused by battery failures.

DDPAI Dash Cams with IPS Power Management

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