DDPAI Dash Cam Features

what makes us different



Realcube Image Technology is DDPAI proprietary image processing technology.

nightvis icon


NightVIS Technology is a pioneering image processing technology developed exclusively by DDPAI for their dash cams.


D2SAVE equips dash cams with a powerful data protection layer


ADAS is a collection of systems that use advanced technologies and sensors to assist drivers.

Parking Mode

Parking Mode is a feature in DDPAI dash cams that provides specialized monitoring while the vehicle is stationary.


Sense Reality

DDPAI SR (Sense Reality) technology transforms driving data into intuitive visual information

IPS Power

DDPAI IPS (Intelligent Power Supply) technology is a smart system to monitor and protect your car's battery.

Super Capacitor

DDPAI dash cams incorporate advanced supercapacitor technology for a power source that excels in stability

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